Published On: Fri, Oct 10th, 2014

Russian Corporate Eurobonds to start trading on Moscow Exchange

Andrey Shemetov, Moscow Exchange, Deputy CEO

Andrey Shemetov, Moscow Exchange, Deputy CEO

On 14 October 2014 Moscow Exchange admits to trading 13 issues of Russian corporate Eurobonds.

Trades will be settled in USD. Trading will be open to both qualified and non-qualified investors. All instruments are USD denominated and will be included on Listing Level 3 (a non-quotation list).

Moscow Exchange Deputy CEO Andrey Shemetov said of the new product launch: “Eurobonds are attractive instruments for investors, allowing them to receive income in foreign currency. Trading on Moscow Exchange will boost the liquidity of Russian corporate Eurobonds already trading as well as those that we plan to admit to coincide with the start of trading on foreign markets. The first stage is to admit 13 Eurobonds, then expand the list in the future”.

All of the Eurobonds but two to be admitted to trading are already eligible for repo trading with settlement in RUB. A total of 132 issues corporate Eurobonds are currently eligible for interdealer repo trading.

Currently twenty three issues of Sovereign Eurobonds, as well as Eurobonds issued byVEB Leasing and VEB are trading on Moscow Exchange.

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