Published On: Sat, Mar 14th, 2015

McKay Brothers Launches Route Between Slough and Frankfurt

McKay Brothers Microwave has launched the industry-leading private bandwidth service between Slough and Frankfurt. McKay’s latency between Slough-LD4 and Frankfurt-FR2 is 4.64 milliseconds (ms) round trip, the lowest known. The company is finalizing more routes between the UK and Frankfurt as well as a London Metro service.

McKay co-founder Stéphane Tyč

McKay co-founder Stéphane Tyč

“Bandwidth subscribers understand the value of access to the fastest network,” says François Tyč, Managing Director of McKay Brothers International. “McKay’s private bandwidth subscribers leverage our proven expertise in engineering, building and operating the industry’s leading microwave networks.”

MBI anticipates adding the Quincy Extreme Data service to this circuit. Subscribers of the QED service will receive book and trade information on select Eurex Order by Order futures in Slough-LD4 in only 2.320 ms one-way, a new record. The QED service is also distinguished by offering three-month contracts, a la carte pricing and discounts for small firms.

“Traders and risk managers will benefit from the fastest data service between two of the most important trading hubs in Europe,” notes McKay co-founder Stéphane Tyč. “We are pleased that all market participants will be able to access exchange data at the industry’s lowest known latency.”

McKay’s US microwave network has been live since 2012. Its signature Illinois to New Jersey route and its Chicago and NJ metro routes deliver the industry’s lowest known latencies. The Quincy Extreme Data service provides an integrated and normalized feed of select market data. The QED service sources data from financial exchanges globally and is offered in exchange colocation centers around the world.

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