Published On: Fri, Oct 10th, 2014

Euronext to expand product offering by listing 12 new ComStage ETFs

Euronext is pleased to announce that it is expanding its ETF offering by listing 12 new ComStage ETFs on the Lisbon market.

The new ETFs are being added to the two ETFs already listed in Lisbon on the PSI20 and PSI20 Leverage indexes, and have the following underlying indexes: DAX, Short DAX, CAC 40, CAC 40 Leverage, CAC 40 Short, Dow Jones Ind. Average, S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Nikkei 225, MSCI World, MSCI Emerging Markets, and DJ Euro Stoxx 50. The new ETFs are in compliance with the OICVM/UCITS IV directives.

Benjamin Fussien, Head of ETFs and Funds of Euronext Group, said: “We’re delighted to welcome these 12 new ComStage ETFs to our Lisbon market. With these new products we’re enlarging Euronext’s wide offering of ETFs, providing investors with new investment opportunities. It is yet another example of expanding our product offering and being a leading capital raising centre.”

The Head of Public Distribution International at Commerzbank, Hélio da Silva Cláudio, stated, “Commerzbank has been present in the ETP segment in Portugal since 2002. From that time on, Commerzbank has stood out due to its financial innovations for the Portuguese investor, such as warrants, turbo warrants, tracker certificates, mini futures, inline warrants, factor certificates or OT certificates. Within the scope of this action, Commerzbank has always been committed to providing the most competitive products to the Portuguese financial market, hence the creation of the ETF segment in Portugal was a natural step of that policy. We are convinced that this new segment will reduce transaction costs for the investor, and we believe that expanding the offering may increase the visibility of this type of product in our market.”

The European ETF industry has recorded exceptional growth to date and continues to present significant opportunities. Euronext is one of the leading platforms in Europe for ETF listing and trading, counting 602 ETFs on its four markets as of today. In H1 2014, the average ETF assets under management (AUM) at Euronext totalled €187.2 billion, an increase of 19.8% versus the same period in 2013.

ETFs are open-end investment funds that are listed on an exchange and continuously traded in the same way as a normal share. In general, an ETF is linked to a benchmark index and aims to closely follow its performance. ETFs combine the simplicity of equities with the diversified risk of investment funds, and offer flexible, low-cost exposure to entire markets or market segments through a single transaction. The low level of management fees associated with this type of passive investment is a further benefit of ETFs.

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